Thursday, March 01, 2007

Heineken Regatta Starts TODAY

ahhhhh the heineken regatta Comes once a year and its a party for four days. apart from being one of the biggest parties of the year its also a race. one of my friends band is also playing this weekend. Their band is called WHITE KNUCKLE WEEKEND the Marley brothers are also comming to play at the end of the night. on sunday

Monday, July 24, 2006

shereen in holland

its sexy shereen in sepia. yeah she keeps rejecting me cuzz "im too nice!" oh well this girl is fun to hang out with because she always make me laugh and puts everyone in a good mood. this picture was taken a couple days before her arrival to st.maarten. she was in holland at the time visiting her sister. She also knows how to party ^_^. we were chilling at bliss the night she came and she looked so happy to be back. we also went by Golden Eyes to chill with ralph and everybody else. hmmm what else can i say she is hot and ya gotta be careful cuzz she will step on you if your too nice. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 10, 2006

balcony left

yep thats the view i got every morning. outside my room Posted by Picasa

balcony center

 Posted by Picasa

balcony right

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this picture came out pretty nice and at random because i was walking home and i took the camera without looking and made a perfect picture. im surprised it came out straight aligned and everything else. but besides that LATAS CRUISE SHIP. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 09, 2006


its the BHUDDAAA. this picture is in fron of Bamboo Berinies Sushi bar. look pretty cool and i LIKEEE bhudda statues. cuzz their soo cool u never know whats in the mind of the creator with states that look like this. Posted by Picasa


DAVID ma party boy. He took over my camera and started snapping more pictures than i could take in one party. He was mashed for this photo and could u believe he was taking proffesional pictures. wow the effects of alco! anyways David has it really nice cuzz he flies everywhere and keeps himslef busy most of the time with the VKS military training and the some navy thingy i heard about. He also came back from the martial arts competition in texas. Don't know how he did but he is a very cool guy to party with. Posted by Picasa

Cher and moi at bliss again

This club is off the hook especially when she is there! because she comes down here few times a year cuzz she lives in Boston. She is getting married to David soon i dont know when but he sure is a lucky guy. She is Claudiennes sister the bigger one. yep. what else she is funny and hangs out with ma PPF (party pooper flusher) girl Alicia. Posted by Picasa

Claudienne and Leon!

its Clau with Leon at Bliss. what i know about claudienne is that she is a very cool girl and she likes to party. she is also very perky and is into younger guys. LEON 19 yrs old Clau 26. she is a shitload to chill with cuzz she makes me laugh alot and not only that she makes GODLIKE lasagna. leon well i met you that same night so i dont know you that well. but hey you play the guitar like a fucking rockstar! Thats really cool to see. I was amazed that he could play that well at "GET WET BAR" Posted by Picasa